About the Artist

Kasia Toczydlowska  lives with her family in Greenwich, Connecticut USA.
Originally from Poland, she specializes in abstract paintings and loves to paint nature.
Kasia is  a full time teacher at the Greenwich Christian Preschool and a mom to three wonderful girls. Since her childhood she enjoyed to paint and took many art classes. While living in London, UK she visited art museums and attended art lessons at Victoria and Albert Museum. Kasia loves colors and textures, she believes that colors in her artwork can change peoples moods and emotions.

Kasia also holds a bachelor degree in Marketing from the Bialystok University of Technology in Poland.

Artist Statement:

My paintings represent my senses. It is mainly nature that inspires me and gives me ideas to create new artwork. I truly enjoy layering blank canvas or paper with colors and textures. Each of my paintings show different observations, emotions and compositions. Sometimes while going for a walk, I take photos of my surroundings or make small sketches in my notebook. Then coming back home I summarize my observations and  work on new projects.

I love nature and it’s beauty.  It always surprises me and gives me ideas to paint while at the same time makes me feel happy and relaxed. My paintings also give me freedom to express my thoughts and make me want to experiment more with colors, techniques and textures. Each of my paintings are different and have their own personalities.

I am certain that my artwork can add a finishing touch to your home and make you feel happy!

Custom orders are always welcome.

Please contact me at: [email protected]
Instagram: kasia_fine_art